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Specializing in rare exotic herbals, extracts, incenses, tinctures, ancient sacred herbs that have a extensive history for healing, stimulating, meditating or soothing the mind, body, spirit and soul. is your source for your herbal smoke shopping online. We offer the best Herbal smoke, herbal smoke products and exotic herbal smoke blends on the market, they are the best of the best, and hand picked for their potency and effectiveness. The best part is our herbal high quality head shop herbal smoking products  we offer gives our customers a choice to smoking illegal substances or tobacco products.

In addition to herbal buds, herbal smoke and herbal smoking blends our site also offers the best, 100% legal Herbal Hybrid Buds, like On'o Budz, Buddha's Sister, Hawaiian Harvest, Bo-Bo Red and BC Big Buds. We also offer rare and exotic herbal smoke from around the world. Potent Herbs like; Kanna, Wild Dagga, Exotic Sacred Blue Lily, Wild Dagga Flowers and Kratom.  Plus our premier line of legal herbs and herbal smoke like Aztec Gold, Aztec Midnight Wind, Demon Smoke, Demon Passion, Demon Dream Smoke, Ultra Chronic, and many others.

Specializing in rare exotic herbals, extracts, incenses, tinctures, ancient sacred herbs that have a extensive history for healing, stimulating, meditating or soothing the mind, body, spirit and soul.
William F. Buckley, Jr. marijuana quoteThe Marijuana never kicks down your door in the middle of the night. Marijuana never locks up sick and dying people, does not suppress medical research, does not peek in bedroom windows. Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could. - William F. Buckley, Jr.
Marijuana Quote from Bill Clinton, U.S. President"When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it, and I didn't inhale, and I never tried again." - Bill Clinton, U.S. President quote on Marijuana Usage
( I guess it's a legal high if you smoke marijuana as an experiment?)
 Marijuana Quote from Barack Obama"When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point."- Barack Obama quote on Marijuana Usage
(...our kind of smoke shop man, the point is to get high.)
 Marijuana Quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger"That is not a drug. It’s a leaf." - Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Governor quote on Marijuana (...known to smoke legal highs, smokes marijuana alternatives and steroids)
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We are very proud of our reputation. We have worked very hard to achieve it and maintain it. Rather than fill this space with our opinion of, after much consideration we thought it's best if  our customers did this for us.
Customer Feed Back Online Form


I just got my order or Fusion in the mail today. This is my first time trying herbal smoke, so I was skeptical. I must say that I am impressed. It smells and tastes wonderful and the effect are amazing. I can't believe it's legal. You have a customer for life!

 Randy T.
After receiving your products some weeks ago, I tried a competitors' products which were ok. In the meantime, and while working n my home music studio, I smoked some Nitro that I received as a sample with my original purchase. Long story far the Nitro s the only herb that has the effect I was seeking.

Jimmie D.
I just got my extreme party pack and all I can say is wwwooowwww that shit is strong! And its all good though and fast deliver just 7days
Jhamel R.

I wanted to express how much I appreciate what you all do and the services that you provide. From the military to my job now I have always been subject to random drug testing, so I never have risked catching FX on anything else but alcohol. Over the years alcohol has had it's highs but also MANY lows. I've been wanting to try something else. I came across your web site and decided to try Fusion. Love it. It gives me FX that far surpasses alcohol. No lows, it's all good. I don't know as much as my wife knows about MJ. She had done her share over the years and thought I was wasting my time ordering from you all. She says your products that we have tried, Fusion and Nitro, are way better than MJ. Great FX without the risk of being illegal, bunk stuff, or shady dealings. After years of alcohol, your products are tools to me that are helping me put the bottle down.

I thank you for your services.
Wow! Fusion is the 1st product that I've tried that is not over sold. It's everything they say it is. I'll definitely repeat purchase! K-Girl
Thanks a lot for the FREE Express shipping last time! Awesome customer service team; It was cool that you guys got back to me so fast when I thought I may have charged twice too. Anyway, I love the product, and will be anxiously awaiting my next package.

Abram H.
First off I'd like to say wow! Your products are amazing. I do  have a quick question though. After sampling fusion I must say I took a drug test just to be sure. Trust me that's a compliment!

Albert G.
I have just tried out Fusion and let me tell you....WOW. Honestly it's been awhile since I smoked the "other stuff" but Fusion knocked me down for a couple of hours.

Casey W.
let me tell you, Dank is a very enjoyable smoke. I don't have too many to compare it to, but this high is very nice. I try to stay away from MJ it makes me tweak. This stuff reminds me of a MJ high, except I'm not scared out of my mind. I remember the first couple hits immediately brought me into euphoric relaxation, something I didn't expect. I think this will probably effect 70-80% of herb-heads. If your new to herbals, this is a good choice. I'm guessing even hard heads will feel something off of this. It is similar to spice in texture, and the taste reminded me of spice a little also. This smoke is relaxing, yet wont have you incapacitated. This is a wonderful smoke. I think newbie's to herbals, intermediates, and people who have been smoking for years would really appreciate this high. The body high is light, and the cerebral (sp) high is strong, and getting stronger, yet not toooo powerful. Duration of effect's): well I've been stoned for a good hour and hardly no signs of tapering off. Im happy with the duration of Dank as well. Oh The taste was quite enjoyable...

Fusion is some good shit, I really enjoyed it a lot. Great smoke. I am extremely impressed with this blend !!!

Alex C.
Dallas, TX
Hi, I enjoyed your product D Dream. Is a very relaxing herb that doesn't cost a lot. It's all natural mild euphoric feeling is great. Not to forget that it doesn't come with a lot of sticks, like this other company I have dealt with recently. I look forward to dealing with you more. Thank you for your relaxing products and cheap prices.

I like Dank a lot. It definitely left me feeling very relaxed and content. Colors were much enhanced. Music is sounding very good. I felt a nice head buzz and body buzz. It wasn’t too strong, but noticeable. All in all, this was a very nice high. Great smoke. I definitely recommend this blend !!!

I ordered Dank because of all the reviews I read about it on. My method of choice trying this blend was to smoke it out of a blunt so the effects I got may be different than if you smoke it out of a bong. It probably much better if you smoke it out of a bong or water pipe. Dank has to be the closest blend I have found to the infamous "Spice" so far for me anyways. The overall high with Dank was better and longer lasting than it was with any other herbal smoking blend I have tried and I have tried several. I had a experienced more of a head high than a body high although I found the effect very enjoyable. I definitely felt out of it more with this blend than any of the blends eazysmoke sells except Nitro which I recently tried and Spice which has up until now been my favorite but considering the price of Spice at $35.00 - 45.00 an 1/8th, I'll stick to Dank and Nitro now. I also got the munchies on this herbal blend where most don't do that to me at all. Dank gave me some very strong effects especially while listening to music where the sound seemed more real to me like I was there ( I guess clearer is a good way to describe it) and a lot louder than normal. I think this blend would be much better if smoked out of a bong or water pipe. Overall it is my herbal top is in my top 4 herbal smokes. #1. Nitro, #2. Dank, #3. Total Impact, #4. Herbal Whoa!

Peter S. Sacramento,CA
I liked Dank a lot. I smoked 5 nice hits and I'm nice and relaxed. I got a nice head buzz with some mild body feeling and a small visual distortion. I would Definitely buy this blend again.

Nitro has a nice buzz that lasts a long time. I was actually surprised it lasted so long because most herbals that I have tried don't last very long at all Overall I think this is a very nice blend!!! Great Job ESMOKE!!!

Ok I tried Nitro - I smoked my first bowl but was wanting to make certain I had smoked enough for the herbs to be effective so I did 2 bowls total. I would say within 5 - 10 minutes I started noticing some very strong, heady effects. Heavy head/body feeling and just the slightest bit "off-balance" for lack of better description. After 10 more min. passed the body effects grew in intensity. I was definitely buzzing Definitely stronger than Total Impact. Oh I was very surprised at how long the buzz last.

Honestly, when I read the description of Nitro, I didn’t expect something grand; after smoking tons and tons of Herbals, one tends to get used to them; within the regular Herbal Blends and single herb Herbals, not the enhanced ones, that is. I took seven hits and waited. Right after the first one, I felt a bonafied heavy, dreamy high! It was VERY pronounced, unlike many regular Herbals out there. Not an ounce of paranoia, nervousness, or hangover. Nitro is a fantastic Herbal Blend. I’m very happy for all the folks! Congrats on a winner brothas!

WOW I cannot believe NITRO. I have gotten very little effects from most blends but this one was phenomenal!!!! Absolutely hands down THE STRONGEST BEST HERBAL BLEND I HAVE EVER TRIED (and I have tried a lot). NITRO has a nice herbal flavor, no cottonmouth and the buzz has good hang time.

Chad, OH.
I just received my order of Black Russian and I have to tell you, after many years of smoking I am very impressed, shocked actually! Can't wait to try some of your other products! Thanks

Just had to tell you guys "DELIVER". I ordered Your TOTAL IMPACT and all I can say is I literally cant keep this "STUPID KOOL AID GRIN" off of my face. I read all of your customer feedbacks and researched your site extensively before I made my mind up to order and all I can say is HELL YEAH!!! you guys ROCK!! My shipment was impressively quick and quality was even better.. especially for the price.. Keep it up guys. You have a customer for life..and that's REAL..

A.D. Metro Detroit, MI.
From the very start, I was pretty impressed with Nitro . The smell, taste, smoothness were very enjoyable. I started to feel the effects about 10 minutes into the toke session. The smoke going down was very smooth and easy to hold. I remember my eyes squinting, and my face grinning when the effects kicked in full gear. I felt super relaxed and mellowed out. There was a tingling feeling throughout my body that was really strong, and my head felt very light and airy. This stuff gave me no anxiety, paranoia, (which I get a lot) I enjoyed this blend very much.

Cory, PA.
First I have to say that you guys are life savers! After having to leave the high life behind, I was in search of something that would put my mind at ease. I started out with the klip dagga and blueberry haze. I was very surprised at the FX they gave and the smooth smoke. Thanks for being around!

Big boondoxx.....till they change the law!
Just got my Nitro when I got home, so I fired up a good bowl in my bong, cleaned of all resins prior) and after the 4th hit I got a nice relaxed feeling , like the on set of a MJ high, kind of numbing, real relaxed, floaty head, feeling after the 1st bowl(7 hits), I fired up another, and it intensified a lot. One of the best blends I have ever smoked, and for the record, I am one of those "hardheads" when it comes to herbals. Oh yeah, it does look really nice, and tastes pretty good, not real harsh. It's nice to finally smoke an herbal blend and get something from it!!

Mark , NY
I have to say NITRO is definitely the best tasting blend I have had the pleasure of smoking. It is not harsh at all and tastes wonderful. it's taste is delicious actually and after about 3-4 puffs out of my pipe it only gets richer and the taste is just...ahh lovely. After smoking about 4 bowls, even though I was already pretty stoned after the first bowl...I felt really great my eyes are heavy and I just feel...well I guess I'll just say it...stoned. I was definitely inebriated! The effects are amazing! A WONDERFUL BLEND I mean your not sacrificing anything here! it taste great! smells great! feels great. A lot of blends feel great but taste horrible, or JUST taste good and the effects are too mild. Not Nitro it has it all.

Daniel, Ohio
 I am just gonna tell you what got me "stoned" out of the two and what got me a headache. First off Total Impact, is by far the best of what I ordered ! I smoked about 4 grams of this the first day I got it with little to no effects, but over the following week I smoked out with some of my friends and we all started to feel effects. Just yesterday I smoke a J and a bowl of this shit and was stoned, like I WAS STONED. A+ for an herbal.

The herbal Whoa I got from you was F'ing unbelievable!!! My whole body felt warm and tingly, my head had the best mind blast buzz, everything around me felt too good to be true... music is key here because you'll hear every instrument, every chord, every strike, and voices linger, feeling like you're almost there! Find your favorite performer and try some live or acustic tracks...close your eyes and there you are front row! the cool fall east coast temperature feels great on my skin as I sit comfortably on my deck watching the sun set...Find a really relaxing activity and enjoy the experience on a whole new level... A great total package of effects...You have to try this one if your new to herbals, experienced, or just curious...not like MJ at all and IMO more enjoyable without getting red eyed and cotton mouthed... I did notice munchies with Whoa! The price of this smoke fantastic and again if you have to try anything at all give Herbal Whoa! a shake! It will not let you down ... please get this stuff from you and report back... It's the winner in the herbal sweepstakes for sure...

John (a.k.a johniebherbal)
Wow, I can't believe how great your customer service is. Super fast shipping, and the product was great too! I tried some Aztec Gold, and was blown away. I couldn't believe I was actually getting a buzz from a legal herb. Looking forward to my future orders.


Listen up EVERYONE who is a skeptic on herbal smoke! delivers THE BEST, that's right, THE BEST, herbal smoke there is! They are my number one choice for herbal smoke and they continue to amaze me with their prompt customer service as well as quick delivery. They simply ROCKS

Ok I've heard a lot about Total Impact so I tried it... As soon as I finished my bowl, out on my patio, I realized the euphoria had kicked in very strongly; and I felt happy as a lark. It didn't take me long to realize: I’ve been staring into space for about ten minutes with my mouth open – I haven’t done this since I used to smoke MJ, and I started laughing my ass off. It was great, I felt fantastic. I got up and couldn't stand straight. I have tried many herbal smoke products but this is my top blend. I don’t know how this could be beat; this is one of the most powerful Blends I have ever tried!

AR, Sacramento, Ca.
My order just got here, and I'm completely blown away by how f#@ked up I got....... I mean it's not as strong as [edited] and not exactly the same type of high but WOW it's nice.

I ordered: Ultra Chronic
half-ounce of O'no Budz

 I was amazed when I found both of these herbal buds to have great effects. There is no scam here.....there is no way to really explain it!

I have only tried a few of your products so far, but I must tell you that they are absolutely fabulous! The quality is the best I have ever had. Your herbal concentrates are simply delicious! I have never had another concentrate as tasty and smooth as your products. Also, the fragrance when burning is fabulous!

Thank you!


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