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Specializing in rare exotic herbals, extracts, incenses, tinctures, ancient sacred herbs that have a extensive history for healing, stimulating, meditating or soothing the mind, body, spirit and soul. is your source for your herbal smoke shopping online. We offer the best Herbal smoke, herbal smoke products and exotic herbal smoke blends on the market, they are the best of the best, and hand picked for their potency and effectiveness. The best part is our herbal high quality head shop herbal smoking products  we offer gives our customers a choice to smoking illegal substances or tobacco products.

In addition to herbal buds, herbal smoke and herbal smoking blends our site also offers the best, 100% legal Herbal Hybrid Buds, like On'o Budz, Buddha's Sister, Hawaiian Harvest, Bo-Bo Red and BC Big Buds. We also offer rare and exotic herbal smoke from around the world. Potent Herbs like; Kanna, Wild Dagga, Exotic Sacred Blue Lily, Wild Dagga Flowers and Kratom.  Plus our premier line of legal herbs and herbal smoke like Aztec Gold, Aztec Midnight Wind, Demon Smoke, Demon Passion, Demon Dream Smoke, Ultra Chronic, and many others.

Specializing in rare exotic herbals, extracts, incenses, tinctures, ancient sacred herbs that have a extensive history for healing, stimulating, meditating or soothing the mind, body, spirit and soul.
William F. Buckley, Jr. marijuana quoteThe Marijuana never kicks down your door in the middle of the night. Marijuana never locks up sick and dying people, does not suppress medical research, does not peek in bedroom windows. Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could. - William F. Buckley, Jr.
Marijuana Quote from Bill Clinton, U.S. President"When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it, and I didn't inhale, and I never tried again." - Bill Clinton, U.S. President quote on Marijuana Usage
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We are very proud of our reputation. We have worked very hard to achieve it and maintain it. Rather than fill this space with our opinion of, after much consideration we thought it's best if  our customers did this for us.
Customer Feed Back Online Form


 I tried your Herbal Whoa! When the smoke hit my lungs and nothing happened for the first five minutes... then it came, all at once! A warm euphoria envelops my head and a warm body buzz fills me from head to toe. I like being here, there’s nothing that can really bother me. I can close my eyes and get a little bit of visuals. I’m sitting out on my patio and it’s a cool day with a breeze making the trees (abundant here in Sacramento) sway gently, it makes me feel happy to look at that... why? No reason, just because. I try to go inside to get some water and I can’t walk straight. This blend catches one off guard, one doesn’t expect it to be as potent but here I am, ready to stumble because I’m very well buzzed on this stuff. It is very similar to an alcohol induced reduction of one’s central motor control... and I LOVE it! I get my water and sit outside again. The euphoria is still going strong, so is the body buzz. My thoughts are a bit off but not anything overwhelming, just unusual enough to make them more interesting than at baseline. There’s a certain amount of difficulty in concentration and they do overlap to some extent, but only noticeable if I paid more attention to than usual. I’m so giggly I’m almost getting on my own nerves. Watching TV is hilarious and highly recommended. Also, I think this could be a very social type of smoke. It truly is a very complex blend. As it wore off I have a nice tranquil feel all over and am just chilling out. The tapering down is a nice smooth transition. All in all, just what I look for in an alternative. Perfect. The total duration of my experience lasted about one and a half hours! This blend is just so cheap I don’t know why I haven't seen more reviews or comments from people here about it. It is a great blend over all; for both flavor and strength.

Peace - FC
I just wanted to commend you on your customer service. I was very excited about my order I made a few days ago and sent an email regarding it. You guys emailed me back within a few hours and soothed my soul. I've been ripped off before by a few other companies and something just "feels right" about you guys. I'm very excited about my order and will send a review asap. Thanks again!!

OMG! I just tried your new herbal buds... Dudes everyone is talking about them on the forums but I didn't believe what I read. Wow I love you u guys! Expect to be hearing from me a lot in the future!!!

Thank you!
Stacy R.
I bought your Total Impact because I heard it was very strong. The mixture is very light and burns very fast.  Anyway, I smoked a bowl before I went to run a few light errands. Definitely got a body high as well as a strong head buzz. Initially it was similar to dagga but a heavier buzz set in. Very relaxed although not as mellow as dagga. Occasionally I zoned in and out realizing, "whoa I'm pretty high..." Much stronger than I anticipated. At one point I thought maybe I should have run the errands before smoking this stuff :). However, it's not a debilitating high like MJ can sometimes be. It lasted over an hour maybe 1.5 hrs. I pretty much lost track of time, Total Impact is the strongest I've used and CHEAP! and I'm a tough critic .

Demon Smoke hehe it kinda like..whoa, I'm high. They say u have to wait and its true. for me it was about 10 mintes before my eyes got real heavy and I just felt like I had missed the high but was defiantly stoned. very very awesome Overall rating (hate-love etc.):LOVE-if yer looking for a mj like buzz this is defiantly the one! but don't expect it to be like the real deal, it isn't but if MJ was 5 then this would be 4 Diggity Dagga is a nice mix and the price is ok.i guess u can't really beat the price. ill defiantly order it again perhaps. I defiantly found it to be very much like what I like regularly

When I decided to try your Kanna I decided chewing it instead of smoking it, I thought it would never work. after about 20 minutes of chewing and swallowing the juice the first effects hit me. I had a body tingling feeling like when I used to take pain killers for an injury. for the duration of 3 or so hours I had a relaxed body sensation. kinda like a lesser version of an adrenaline rush. overall, I think this product, the way I used it, worked very well to make me feel mellow.

The effects on Ono Budz were pretty nice much more complex than any one singular herb can bring and the amount smoked is much smaller than any herbal blend/mix I have had. That being said you want to know what it felt like right! well I was definitely spaced out, euphoric, content, impressed. this is a progressive buzz that brings out new characteristics by the minute. took about 5 minutes to become apparent and then my vision/perception was a bit hazy with accented colors of green and blue I was sitting in the grass outside my home). I felt a total sensation of comfort and tranquility. my body was relaxed with a mild energy running through me, while my mind was calm, happy, and enjoying my thoughts. After this stage I had an urge to close my eyes and when I did I became very centered - a very clear mind with a very apparent giddy contentment. I decided to go inside and see if I could still feel the effects while walking around. yep. very nice, steady balance but a bouncy in perception. when I finally got inside and stood still a moment a wave of euphoric happiness fell over me and I just smiled and was so happy to be alive at that moment in time. I have to say that these are worth a try people. this O'no bud is impressive. I just got finished ordering the Hawaiian Harvest so I'll let you all know about that one too.

Ono Budz are the best herbal buds I’ve smoked. I loved it. To be honest I expected the effects to be a bit stronger. However, I was not disappointed. I wasn’t expecting to get f*cked up or anything. the effects last much longer than any herbal smoke I’ve tried. The total Duration was about 1-1.5 hrs + a nice afterglow period. As with any herbs, your mileage my vary. My review is on how these buds effect me.

I got my package of Hawaiian Harvest buds yesterday, and immediately rolled up a blunt and smoked it... and I wasn't very impressed. It felt a bit like every other herbal smoke I've ever tried, where you aren't sure if you're feeling anything or not. So, I decided to give it another chance....... I'm very happy that I did. This is the best herbal smoke I've ever tried. It's a very relaxing, euphoric high. I'm listening to It's similar to a MJ high, only lighter. Not overwhelming, but a definite head change. I'm not sure why I didn't feel anything last night, but I definitely feel something now. I'd give it a score of 5/5 To anyone reading this, I've tried a LOT of herbals. I've been smoking them off and on for over 5 years. Never regularly, because it really wasn't worth it to me. What little effects most herbals gave me weren't even worth the cheap price I paid for them. This is different. This is definitely worth trying, even if you've been disappointed by herbals. Highly recommend.

I have to say that I am deeply impressed with my purchase from your site. I ordered the Ono' Buds by standard shipping and in only 5 days my order was delivered to me in excellent condition. The buds look and taste great! The FX are very pronounced and bring a much more complex feeling than any one singular herb can bring. peace, relaxation, and happiness all the way! great job on these new products! peace.

I have a friend who has always been very skeptical of legal herbals so he and I sat down in his living room and packed up a bowl of Total Impact. Like I said He had always been skeptical of legal herbals so I really wanting to know how he felt about this blend. I have to say the result was quite interesting. In his words "you definitely know you've been smoking something". It is very much a body buzz and not so much in your head. It is a very relaxing smoke, one that just sort of makes you not want to move very much and take in the sensations. I noticed enhancement of colors, not drastically like shrooms or anything. However colors were different than normal. That and a bit of heaviness in the eyes was about it as far as perception alteration. I did have some cool thoughts and stuff but I think it may have been just because I was so relaxed and zoned out, not so much as the smoke affecting my thought process. Total Impact has a very interesting progression to the high as well. It sort of hits you then subsides a bit as the blue lotus and dagga effects start to creep up on you more. I like that. It makes for an interesting ride. The second part of the high is very euphoric. peace and appreciation. I think this really calms the nerves and stomach. I noticed that if you get up and do stuff the relaxation is not really as full on anymore but the color enhancement and stuff are still there. It lasts a long time for an herbal high too. a good 30 minutes of intense high but about an hour or more before base line. I Love it. My blend of choice. My bud is going to order some himself.

just got my order of total impact and......... wow !! :o) very impressed the order arrived fast, will highly recommend u and defiantly order again :o), I was wondering if u do a range of herbal buds might give them a go some time.

thanks again
I've kept your website bookmarked for over a year and read (and reread) the customer feedback. I'm a smoker of the "other" herb and, now being married to a Marine, I knew it was time to find an alternative. I decided to go ahead and give your Herbal Smoke a try. I ordered the Extreme Party Pack, Wow! What a surprise! Not at all what I expected! The effects are completely different. I don't feel doped out of my mind and am able to function still with work and other chores. I feel relaxed and laid back. And it's all LEGAL! No worries about being busted on base with the "other" stuff any more. BTW, READERS: Get a water pipe if you don't own one. Acrylics are affordable and make the smoke so, so, so much better! Thanks again for the excellent customer service with the credit card zip code issue. Peace, love, oh rah, and more EazySmoke,

Albany, GA
I am a recurring customer of yours, I bought Wild dagga flowers this time, and some more Dank. I especially like the Ultra Chronic. The smoke is very smooth, and tasted nice, plus it left me feeling goooooooooooood! I'd makes a great everyday smoke, and it tastes better out of a pipe. The Wild Dagga flowers I ordered are good and a little goes a long way when smoking this herb.  My job is stressful, so I like to go out the door feeling relaxed and ready to take on the day, or it could mellow me out after work. I could feel the effects better when I drink it as tea as opposed to smoking it. Sometimes, I like to mix Ultra Chronic, with a little bit of Wild Dagga flowers. For me, this combo makes an exceptional blend. Over time, I will try more of your products. I love the variety, the fact that the products I've tried don't taste or smell awful, and the quality factor. Keep doing what you are doing, and I would like to see your products make headlines all over the United States!

You people are gods! I have ordered through many online sites like yours and they all sold shit!  But I just purchased some herbal concentrates solids from you and it is great!!!! You now have one more loyal customer!

Kevin Coil

I received my first order from you, today -- the Connoisseur sample pack – AY YI YI!! This be the ultimate alternative. I’ll never have to sweat and scheme to get mellow again. I’ll be ordering again, rest assured, it’s just gonna take me awhile to puff my way through this very, very generous lot of herbal ‘eaven. Kudos and thanks galore!

You guys truly are awesome, Wow. Excellent customer service, communication, and help. I will DEFINITELY buy all of my products in the future through eazysmokecom. Your customer service beats everyone in your industry, if not ALL industries. Thanks again, I received the package and am more than enamored now.

Matthew Nelson
I've smoked the real stuff for ten years. I had to quit 9 months ago ,but still wanted to smoke. I tried [edited] Buds from another site and hated it. I found your site and thought what the heck its cheap (Aztec sampler). I am now a loyal customer. My wife and I love the Aztec Gold. Thanks for the great products! Keep up the good work.

Josh S.
After smoking herbals for a bit, I no longer have the desire to burn the real stuff. Herbals are so much more mellow. I personally think that the high you get from herbals is much, much better than MJ. I just smoked two bowls of Demon Passion Blend, and I am very happy with it. I think that the main problem people have with herbals is that they look for the stoned feeling. That was my problem at first, now I couldn't be happier.

Please feel free to use this in your feedback section I Just got my first order and I'd just like to say that you guys are THE BOMB. By far the best herbal smoke site on the net. Your shipping time was awesome and the site is very easy to use. The prices are the best then I have seen anywhere else. And the overall support is amazing. The products are all you said they would be. Aztec Gold Rocks.

Vladimir Demin, Brooklyn, NY
"I continue to shop online with you guys because I am very pleased with your prices, great selection, prices, quick delivery, availability of items, choice of items (exactly what I'm looking for and then some), Plus you have a website that I find very easy to use. Keep up the excellent work!"

Tilron, New Hampshire
Hi Eazysmoke folks! Please fell free to use this letter as feedback....

I placed an order for your party sampler and honestly I was extremely skeptical. I spent an hour reading your feedback page and figured what the hell, I've been duped before. Well I'm here to tell all the fellow skeptics to wake up and discover what your company has to offer.....I was so surprised and amazed at the familiar effects and overall HIGH quality of your products! I've tried several of the samples included in the sampler and haven't been disappointed yet, had to stop smoking other "herb" because my job requires drug testing if you are injured on the job....and termination if you are now I have a safe alternative! I just placed a second order for some ono bud and nitro.....really looking forward to trying them! Thanks for giving me an option for some "relaxation" again!

Brian -Urbana, Ohio
Just received my first order... WOW!  I have been pretty stoked about my first order of MAGMA... and so far, it's been different than I had expected... IN A GREAT WAY! If you like the "other herb..." spend a few bucks and try this! Looks familiar... feels better to the touch, the aroma is unlike anything I have experienced... STRONG... but sweet and totally unique. The Smoke? A touch harsh at first toke.. but smooth going down and sweet coming out with a very interesting taste. 4 tokes later... it has taken me about 15 minutes to write this letter and I can honestly say this is some of the best "bud" that I have ever smoked! I'll be back for more!

R.H. Michigan
Greetings again.... Received my second order today... this time it's O'no buds. I am absolutely blown away by this stuff! Hits you just about instantly. Don't let the appearance and texture throw you off ... this stuff is top notch. Feel free to use this as a testimonial also... and thanks for the generous free gift ! A new customer for life, in me.

I was really concerned about buying your products, and all of my friends say its a lie, that stuff doesn't really work at all and your wasting your money, so I ordered it anyway cause all the customer feedback sounded so convincing so today it came in the mail, and it don't really look like the real thing, or taste like it, but WOW I'm surprised at the "buzz" I caught, thank you and for now on u just made an other customer for life.

no name or location given
I'm really pleased with your Dagga product. I find it the choice alternative for me, and I'm recommending it to everyone that I know personally, who SHOULD be looking for an alternative! I find that most of the people who have tried it so far are amazed at the results...but there are always those that are diehards and refuse to accept any alternatives at all. Thanks again, and you can count on me placing more orders in the near future.

T.K. Frame
I received my herbals three days after I ordered them. Opened them and right away set about preparing to partake of them. I made a mixture of Aztec Midnight Wind and Ono Buds and was surprised to find the experience to be very much like "The Other Herb", without the munchies. I also received the papers as my free gift. Keep up the good work.

JT - In Florida
I purchased some your Aztec Gold, and I was very impressed with buzz I got. I actually prefer the herbal stuff to the real thing. It was awesome with my hookah tobacco. My buddies from the armed forces loved it. Keep up the good work!

Jon, Austin,TX
Thanks for replying to my messages and I just wanted to send you a email letting you know this is a big reason I chose buying from you opposed to other sites which ignored my emails ... Keep up the good customer service, its easy to find a site with low prices and a large inventory like you but its rare to find a webmaster who cares about his customers :) Thanks ...

No name given
Ok I am 24 going to be 25 in Aug. I have never smoked weed however I know people who do. Most of the people I know must or want to stop smoking weed. So they asked me to bring some of my herbal smoke over for them to try. A lot of people say that herbal smoke is way better, then the real weed. Why?
2. IT IS LESS $$$$$$$
My friends really enjoy my herbal smoke. Herbal smoke to me is not like a weed high, it is like a body mind and soul high. So I hope this will help some people, who need or want to stop!

To Alex,
This is a review for Aztec Gold. PLEASE use this and all information I am giving you on your website. I used to be a big time smoker of mary-jane, I haven't used any in 4 years. I recently some Aztec Gold. My reason for ordering Aztec Gold, well I looked at the other reviews and I thought I'd try it. First off great delivery time, 8 Working Days to Quebec, Canada! THANK YOU ;) Now, when I saw the stuff it looked like leaves not buds. When I took a smell, same thing. Looks real though! So now I rolled some, and when I lit it up, it smells like outdoor bud burning, not that skunky hydro stuff. But the more you smoked it the more the room smells like the real thing. After about 3-4 tokes off the herbal cigarette, I felt a buzz coming. Then I took my pipe and piped some. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It's way better in a pipe! It's one of those buzz's that If your like me, after smoking the real deal, your shy to go into public without sunglasses. Well with this, I had a buzz, at the borderline of me being paranoid, but could still function 100% and it's been about 30 mins since I smoked and I am still buzzed.. The buzz is slightly more of a body buzz then a head buzz but I'm darn happy with it. Well worth the money... I hope this review will help any fellow "ex-juana" smoker out there.

Happy smoking!
Paul Quebec, Canada

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